Wednesday, May 23, 2018


The school year is coming to an end and Benjamin asked me to paint rocks for some of the people at his school. He carefully picked out some rocks.

This rock talked to me....

Interesting to me is the recipient of this rock told me that he had recently been reflecting on the Lion of the Tribe of Judah. He was delighted with it.

We are having serious discussions on what to do next year with Benjamin. We put him in the 3K program because we felt that he needed to be able to separate from us for a bit. However, he is still struggling to separate from us, actually it has gotten worse in some ways. Just yesterday he was crying about going. He misses a lot of days because some days I just don't force him to go. Benjamin says that he will go to kindergarten when he is 5 but he doesn't want to go to 4K next year. Honestly, I am tempted to just keep him home. We have that luxury, he isn't behind and/or doesn't need childcare, why not allow him his final year at home.

Oh, in case you noticed, he gave himself a haircut.....

So he got a new haircut....

Baby Shower

I had such a busy week last week. Several doctor appointments and recital pictures followed by the recital practice and dance. We had scheduled a baby shower for Sunday. When we made the date I thought that the dance recital was the following week. Ooops, scheduling mistake that meant I didn't get much sleep. Joselin wanted a lot of fruits so meal prep started Sunday after church. I got started at 1 and the party was at 5. Thankfully I already delegated the games to Tasha!

I also made a baby blanket the week before.....

Joselin wanted a soccer ball cake, football helmet, chocolate covered strawberries with cheesecake filling, and hot dogs.....sports theme.

After pipping the cake I realize that I am getting older, my hands were killing me. I don't know how people do that all day long!

Since we were dipping in chocolate we also did some pretzels.

Strawberries got dipped but no cheesecake

I felt like I was removing the brains of that poor watermelon.

Some decor....sports themed clothing I bought at a used children's store.

We had a football for everyone to sign.

The kids did some decorations.

A friend made a wreath.

This dish was from a facebook recipe, fruit and cheesecake, it was pretty tasty.

The easiest part, chips and dip.

Yes, I have three girls pregnant at this time!

It was a successful party. Not too many people came and we had just enough food. It was nice meeting some of Joselin's friends and their kids. 

So far Joselin's baby is still breech. He now weights over 4 lbs and is starting to get crowded. Hopefully he turns soon. They are doing regular ultrasounds to see if he turned yet. If Miguel doesn't turn they are talking about doing a C-section at 39 weeks. Naturally we have googled all the way to make a baby turn and Joselin is trying some out. She has another 5 weeks until she is 39 weeks.

Dance Recital

The dance recital was a success. Benjamin and Vaida now have the dance bug and want to dance on the big stage next week. There are no plans for a dance on the big stage next week so they will have to wait until next year.

Only a few pictures were taken by me. I actually sat back and enjoyed watching the entire recital without going back and helping with costumes. Thankfully, Tasha and some friends sent me pictures.

Benjamin was the only boy, he wants to dance again next year.

Wednesday, May 16, 2018

Recital Time

It is recital time once again. We had pictures yesterday, practice on Friday for little ones, practice Saturday morning for Larissa and two recitals at 4 and 7. Our week is very busy. We also had an eye exam for little miss and Joselin has two appointments.

The following are pictures from picture day.......warning picture overload.

We have tall, skinny issues....

I will be curious to see how the pictures come out!